Customer Service starts and ends with Attitude.

Los Gringos Charters’ goal from Day-One was to create a Gringo experience and brand that proceeds our business name.  We were focused on superb service, positive energy and a connection like no other.  We started the company in 2017 as a project and retirement plan for Jesse Switzer, owner of Los Gringos Charters.  The vision was clear to all associates; we were building a business that removed challenges for our customers.  We would be and are the one stop shop for all entertainment on vacation.
Superb customer service was key.  All aspects of a Cabo fishing charter are taken care of. Customers need no worry about anything: ice, tackle, bait, breakfast, insurance, license, paperwork.   We developed associations with key captains in Cabo San Lucas.  Many of our captains averaged 20 plus years of professional angler experience. They have reliable English. There are no concerns of drugs or alcohol addictions. Los Gringos Charters’ captains are top notch.  As we expanded there was room to grow both up and down the Baja Coast. We met friends with common goals: business and community outreach.  We will explain community outreach in later blogs.
Positive energy came naturally for all parties. When you love what you do you smile while you are doing it.  Los Gringos Charters and associates excels at providing a positive experience. Los Gringos Charters placed importance on working with and within the community for business. Our Cabo shirts are designed and manufactured in Mexico.  Our Attitude was if we work in Mexico our merchandise should be made in a local shop.
Connections with our customer and associate was and is our foundation. Every customer speaks about the connection they feel after the charter.  We were there every step of the way. There was never a doubt that the captain and crew giving their all.  Jake Bastien was our very first surf fishing client. Jake had an amazing first surf fishing experience.  Enjoy the video of Jake landing his first Roosterfish near Todos Santos, Baja Sur California, Mexico.

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