Strictly Business

Strictly Business is not your average fishing vessel. This Hatteras 65′ Convertible Bridge Yacht is a luxury craft that happens to be used for fishing. The boat is equipped with two Seakeeper 9 gyro-stabilizers that reduce 90% of the ocean’s pitch while at rest or underway. Motion sickness? Not on this boat! Strictly business is also equipped with state-of-the-art 3-D fish finder radars. Air conditioning, gyro-stabilization, state of the art navigation and fish finders, tuna tubes, custom bait tank, leather couches, 47” flat screen, premium sound system, two state rooms and three full bathrooms are just a few of the amenities you’ll find aboard. With eight rods on the bridge-deck rail, six in the cockpit wings, four in the gunwales, and four on the fighting chair, the boat can bristle with 22 instantly accessible lines.

“Price –  $3500 Per Day Non-Tournament, $6,500 Per Tournament Day an all-inclusive charter that can be up to 12 passengers. We provide the licenses, lunches, beers, bait snacks, filleting and anything else the guests might need- we’ll accommodate any request within reason if we have enough notice to do so.

Call Us: 1-(866) 373-2905