Merchandising the Gringos Brand

Los Gringos Charters continues to growth at a controlled growth rate.  The Team is amazed at the merchandising needs of Los Gringos Charters.  The Pro-Gear (reserved for Captains and Crew), white t-shirts and Gringos Charters hats continue to be a hit.  Our hats can be purchased online,  Our t-shirts are only available at the docks and in our Cabo office.

Father and First Mate - Merchandising the Gringos Brand

Father and First Mate. See you in Cabo!

Los Gringos Charters Ol’ Glory Trucker Hat

Los Gringos Charters Ol’ Glory Trucker Hat

We anticipated the popularity of the Los Gringos Ol’ Glory Trucker Hats.  Our Facebook voting research confirmed what we thought would be popular.  Any BOY were they right! Everyone loves the Ol’ Glory colors.  We added a second color scheme to our Gringos Brand to include a brighter blue. The royal blue and navy blue are available on our website.  Our Pro-Gear shirts were a hit among our Captains and crews but the wholesale costs could be reduced. We found that not only could local merchandisers compete with pricing but exceeded our expectations for quality of materials used. In 2018, we shifted to a local La Paz distributer with a significant product reach.  We found many of the top retailers in the Mexico were using our new merchandiser.  An American fishing company and a Mexican restaurant owner confirmed our sound decision making.   With the Bisbee’s tournament just a few months away we tightened up our bootstraps and got to work.  We needed to new designs, a store front and critical networking that we found in a friends in Cabo San Lucas.

So where do we go from here?  I ask you the same question. Please email Jesse@GringosCharters.  We want to hear from you, our Cabo fishing tours customers. What do you want to see in our Cabo San Lucas Storefront?  More hats?  More t-shirts?  Hoodies?  You tell us.  We have some many options. All decisions will be made in the next 30 days.   Does a Limited Release Gringo hoodie appeal to you? Does your child want something special shirt not sold online?  What is next?  Merchandising is pretty straight forward. The Gringos Global 10 year business plan was agreed to this weekend. What a special weekend!?!  We can not say thank you enough for the folks that give us the time to Dream Big.  Please follow our up-to-date social media accounts for all of special offers by Los Gringos Charters.  See you in Cabo!