Whale Watching Tours Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching and Arch Tours – Super Panga


Join us on a world class whale watching adventure. Our boats are certified for 14-18 guests, depending on the boat. However, we limit the number to 10-14 adult guests per boat to ensure an even better experience. We hope you will agree, the whales and dolphins are best viewed on one of our small group boats up close and intimate, with space to move around and enjoy on deck. 
Super Pangas are 30′ boats that have been chosen to ensure the best close-up experience while minimizing the impact on the whales’ and dolphins’ environment.  A small sound footprint ensures minimal stress on the whales and dolphins. With these boats, our non-invasive techniques result in longer, more natural experiences for our guests. Sometimes the whales and dolphins even approach our boats, showing their natural curiosity. Another advantage of small whale watching boats is that they’re quicker and more maneuverable. This makes it possible to quickly approach active whales or dolphins.  Heightened activity levels may not continue for a long time, so being able to maneuver quickly is often the difference between seeing a breaching humpback whale up close or just a splash from the distance.