What if I told you, Los Gringos Charters all started as a retirement plan?

You may already know some of the story. This beautiful story is best told throughout a long dinner at Baja Cantina in the Cabo San Lucas Marina.  The short story is like many of you I found myself at a crossroad in my life and I need time to decide.  So like many of you I decided a trip was best to help me make a decision.  I enlisted the help of a good friend to join me on my one week trip away from the stresses of typical working father life. I needed a brake and so did my friend, Steven.  Steven and I jump on a plane and removed all stressors in our lives.  We found a common goal.  Have enough fun but not enough to gain attention of local policia.

During our trip we many local gringos from the United States. They all had similar stories with a few special details to set each story apart.  One gentleman said, “My brother got cancer and I realized I didn’t like the life I was living”  He moved to Cabo, quit drinking and took up surfing and yoga.  I could go on and on but the reasons remain the same in every story. They needed a change of scenery.  Cabo San Lucas was the change that each person described in their story.

Could Cabo be the change I needed?  Probably not?  I had a wife, three young children and a military career to focus on.  Martin was an amazing host. He did everything with us for a few days.  We dined in local establishments upon my request. “Take me to a place you have never seen a gringo eating at”.  Martin took us to a hole in the wall but a hole that entered into cocina serving heavenly Mexican breakfast.  We visited the barrios, a “Spanish term loosely used for the “Hood”.  In the U.S it is used as the Latino equivalent of a Ghetto.” – Urban Dictionary.   We visited to help locals. They were two weeks post the Tropical Storm Lidia that crushed the community.  We gave what we had. We helped were we could but in the end there was too many people still hurting that could not be helped.  We later found out that the official report of lives lost was nine but the unofficial numbers were upwards of 1000 people.

Jesse and Martin at Wizzies in Cabo

All of the experience brought me to a place where I realized wanted to be part of a Latino community as well as run a successful business in Latin America. So where do I begin? I turned to family. I got to work. I needed help. I needed connections. My retirement plan would succeed if I put in enough work and had the correction connections.  My brother Phillip Switzer owns Modern Influence.  http://www.ModernInfluence.com His business had similar goals.  The team was setting new standards and are challenging the status quo.  The team’s web design products were sleek, straightforward, and user-friendly. They took the lead for marketing Los Gringo Charters.

So I have my local team. I had my IT team. They left the rest of the Los Gringos Team.  In months to come you will start to see new faces on our social media feeds. Our Cabo yacht rental team is far reaching.

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